Superfood Latte

Superfood Latte

What better way to start your day than with a lovely superfood latte? With our Sweet Revolution you have 6 wonderful superfood flavours to choose from, these include Beetroot, Chicory, Cocoa, Matcha, Reishi Chai and Tumeric. As well as having superfood ingredients our healthy lattes are made with organic and sustainable ingredients that are sourced from their native nutrient rich soil meaning they incredibly nourishing and full of natural vitamins and minerals.

Our superfood lattes had humble beginnings, our founder Jane Nicholls developed a keen interest in health and nutrition, leading her to study naturopathic nutrition with the Natural Healing Foundation at Salford University. Throughout her studies she would often experiment in her own kitchen as she wanted to create a healthy and nutritious drink that would satisfy the sweet tooth of her two children. After some fabulous reviews from close friends and family she decided to share her creations on a wider scale and that’s when Sweet Revolution was born!


Our Range of Superfood Lattes

Over the last decade we’ve been developing and refining our superfood lattes, we’re firm believers that what’s in our products is just as important as what’s not. Every ingredient included in our delicious lattes is the result of thorough research and experimentation, down to every last detail. We’re devoted to creating healthy drinks that are packed full of benefits associated with superfoods, both physical and mental.

To ensure the highest quality, our superfood ingredients are sourced from every corner of the globe as ethically and sustainably as possible. When Jane was first creating the lattes she was keen to incorporate organic superfoods so her family could benefit from the wide range of health and nutrition benefits. Over 4 years down the line, each of our latte flavours is a superfood!

Our superfood lattes can be made in a few seconds, all you need to do is add water!


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