Sugar Free Latte

We’re revolutionising your routine, start your day with our sugar free lattes. With 6 fabulous flavours to choose from you’ll find your new favourite hot-drink in no time. Not only are our colourful lattes free from refined cane sugar they are also made with organic ingredients that are extremely high quality and ethically sourced from their native habitats. Our Sweet Revolution sugar free lattes were born in our founder's kitchen. After her studies of naturopathic nutrition with the Natural Healing Foundation at Salford University, Jane Nicholls had the goal of creating a sweet, healthy and nutritious drink for her children to enjoy. After some wonderful feedback from close friends and family Jane decided to begin to share her sugar free lattes with the public. Sweet Revolution was launched with some great looking and tasting, organic, free from and vegan sugar free lattes!


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Our Sugar Free Lattes

Each and every superfood latte we offer is free from refined cane sugar, we avoid processing as much as possible, many of our nutrient-rich ingredients are used in their raw state. All of the ingredients we use are entirely plant-based and are meticulously chosen to not only suit the flavour of our sugar free lattes but also give you all the nutrients that we can to help you feel great throughout the day.

To create our Sweet Revolution sugar free lattes we replace refined sugar, that would usually be found in similar drinks, with completely natural, crystallised coconut nectar. When crystalised this nectar creates the same delightfully sweet taste but is instead full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The coconuts we source from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam are also used to create the smooth base for our instant sugar free drinks. The use of this powdered coconut milk means that each of our 6 sugar free latte flavours is certified vegan, free from and organic. You can enjoy our lattes knowing that each ingredient we have chosen is the result of years of careful, considerate and sustainable decision making and fine-tuning. We’re proud of our products and would love for you to experience them!

Instant, tasty and sugar free!

Our sugar free latte alternatives can be made in a few seconds, all you need to do is add water!


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Sweet Revolution Sugar Free Packs