Dairy Free Coffee

At Sweet Revolution, we've created a range of instant and easy-to-make drinks that are packed full of high-quality ethically sourced, vegan ingredients. Our dairy free coffee alternative drinks were born over 4 years ago when our founder, Jane Nicholls, was experimenting in her kitchen aiming to make sweet and nutritious treats for her children. The results were wonderful and the drinks received gleaming reviews from friends and family. Jane launched the drinks in November 2014 and hasn’t looked back since.  Slowly and steadily the business has grown and the drinks have been fine-tuned to become the beautiful dairy free products you can see and experience today!


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Our Dairy Free Coffee Alternatives

Every drink from our colourful range is completely plant-based. Our ingredients are sourced from their native habitats and grown in nutrient-rich soil, meaning the produce we use in our dairy free coffees is packed full of organic nutrients that will nourish your body and feed your soul!

We currently have a total of six dairy free coffee alternatives; Beetroot, Chicory, Matcha, Reishi Chai and Turmeric Lattes and a Hot Chocolate made with raw cacao. Each flavour is certified organic and registered vegan, and they have a base of coconut milk powder which is ethically sourced from the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Not only do the coconuts provide the creamy base, we also use crystallised coconut nectar to provide the sweetness, allowing us to steer completely clear of refined cane sugar in all of our dairy free coffee alternatives. We’re firm believers that what’s in our products is just as important as what’s not. We meticulously search for the finest ingredients to ensure each and every sip is not only fabulously tasty but healthy and nutritious too.


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