Caffeine Alternative

Caffeine Alternative: The Revolution

Are you a coffee addict? Do you need a good cup of coffee to get you through your day, but think of all that caffeine! With Sweet Revolution we have the most delicious latte alternatives that are not only full of incredible flavour but organic, free-from and has the green tick for vegan friendliness. We have 4 caffeine free lattes in our range: Chicory, Beetroot, Reishi Chai and Turmeric. You can travel the world through your glass with Sweet Revolution caffeine free lattes.

Many people love coffee and these days going caffeine free is one of the best ways forward. Caffeine free alternatives don’t always have to be a bad thing and with Sweet Revolution the lattes are full of flavour and delicious.  They're great added to a sweet treat recipe for the kids or a simple dessert for guests.  Our lattes are the perfect caffeine alternative for any occasion.

The start of the caffeine free alternative journey started with our founder Jane Nicholls who experimented in her kitchen creating nutritious treats for her children. She studied naturopathic nutrition in university which then led her to building the foundations of Sweet Revolution. Through her continued experimentation and her positive influence of family and close friends a a revolution was formed, and it was a sweet sign of success.


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Our Caffeine Alternative Range:

Coffee, cappuccino, latte you name it, we have the caffeine alternative for that ideal on-the-go drink. Revolutionising the industry and adapting the way lattes are perceived is our motto, reinventing unique flavours and combinations like no other is our stronghold. With Sweet Revolution you can travel across Asia with our caffeine free turmeric and matcha lattes. Get a sweet taste of the Caribbean with cocoa and be one with nature and earth from the royal beetroot.

Our products are organically sourced from the finest quality ingredients, grown in their natural habitats in dense soils from each extremity of the world. Everything is sustainable, organic, and vegan friendly to help you in your morning rush, early commute, lunchtime bonanza or relaxation evenings.


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