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Barista Blend

Coffee shops, restaurants, cafe’s and more! Have you tried our new Barista blend collection? Aimed primarily at those of you within the food service sector, our barista blend can spice-up your hot drinks menu!  Made with plant-based ingredients, our latte’s tap into the trend for superfood lattes with our delicious and convenient blends - just add steamed milk (either daiy or non-dairy) and you can enjoy the frothy goodness of a sweet revolution.

We want to make the drinks journey as easy as possible which is why our barista blend lattes are easy to make and come in 6 delicious flavours each packed with beneficial properties.


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Spice up your palette with our Beetroot latte, the latte that is currently trending and forecast to be the taste of summer!  Or you can try a unique alternative to coffee with added benefits with our delicious Chicory latte. It tastes so much like coffee but without the caffeine, simply add steamed milk and enjoy the great benefits. Our barista blend Chocolate Latte is a delicious combination of raw cacao and raw crystallised coconut nectar. It’s not too sweet but can definitely provide that ‘chocolate fix’ when you are experiencing those sweet tooth cravings.

The Chai Latte barista blend has been made with chai tea spices to which we’ve added a touch of reishi mushroom powder because of its amazing benefits. The Matcha latte made with vanilla is a great alternative to have on your coffee break at work. Matcha green tea contains ‘slow-release’ caffeine which gives you a gentler boost for longer. Finally we have our turmeric latte.  Not only beautiful in its golden yellow colour, but science is now showing its amazing benefits and it’s become very popular in recent years as an alternative latte. In addition to this, when the turmeric powder is combined with a touch of black pepper it enhances its properties that make it the ultimate barista blend. What will you add to your barista blend collection?


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